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Handan Meishun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer which collection of scientific research, production, sales and service,specializing in ultrasonic equipment(R&D,manufacturing and sales).It is located in Hebei Province, at the junction of four regional central cities - High-tech Development Zone in Handan , adjacent to Beijing-Zhuhai highways. Company to technological innovation as the core , focusing on energy-saving environmental protection , high- precision metal surface processing technology and a complete removal of residual stress programs , stress relief products, including welding equipment , high- precision metal surface processing equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, such as scaling .

Handan Meishun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.adhering to the " innovation, professionalism, integrity ," the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere forever , taking into account quality service and win-win principle of good faith , and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with well-known enterprises at 9万彩票 and abroad , in the "quality of survival to the principles of technology and development services for the purpose " , with strong technical , economic strength and pioneering spirit , to provide users with the most advanced technology , equipment and the most satisfactory service.

As a high-tech enterprise in Handan City , master's or higher degree employees accounted for more than 15% , more than 30% of employees engaged in research and development work , has a strong R & D capabilities and marketing services capabilities to provide customized solutions and services, has now become the world's residual stress field research products in the most professional manufacturer of metal surface processing technology allows the surface of the metal parts to improve the tertiary level of processing , even on an ordinary machine also allows parts of the surface of a mirror , Anti-fouling is to solve the energy consumption and high pollution emissions toughest business problems for customers to create long-term economic growth at planting and interests .

Currently my company has a complete series of ultrasonic products and solutions business covers the petroleum industry , electric power, metallurgy , military , aerospace, food and other fields , to build a safe, good quality, good service, low operating costs , giving priority to meet customer needs comprehensive advantages .

As a professional metal surface processing , residual stress relief and energy savings of high-tech enterprises, the company has been established on the strong support by the government , the community and the vast majority of users and the attention to continuously consolidate and strengthen its technical level and market position , as provide better products and services to customers, for society, for the state to assume the responsibility and obligation of an enterprise , and gradually build strength , becoming a stronger , healthier and more long-term scientific and technological enterprises.

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