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Ultrasonic needle peening equipment
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Ultrasonic needle peening equipment

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The technology about UIT (ultrasonic impact treatment) is the most efficient way in eliminating the residual stress. The stress relief ratio of UIT is more effective than heat treatment and vibration aging, and can be up 100%. In view of the welding seam, UIT can eliminate the residual stress, prolong life, improve the strength, reduce the possibility of cracking, improve the resistance to brittle fracture and enhance the strength of materials.
  Meishun Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd devotes ourselves to eliminate, test, R&D and manufacture ultrasonic impact treatment, which including vibration aging equipment, ultrasonic impact treatment and stress testing instrument. The quality and effect of product will get a boost by bringing in advanced technology and continuously exploring. Perfect after-sale service system lays a strong foundation for market share. Meanwhile, we have practical experience and advantages. We provide safeguard for elimination of residual stress.
 The eliminating of residual stress is a simple problem in this business, which brings bad effects, such as variant, cracking, and warping. Furthermore, the residual stress will influence the stiffness of structure, bar stability, strength of static load and fatigue and brittleness of component.
  Different from traditional heat treatment, the advantages of UIT are low cost, convenient transportation and easy to control.
  UIT uses high power energy to promote head to impact the metal surface as the frequency above 20000/s. The metal surface can produce of compression deformation, because of high frequency, high efficiency and focus of high-energy. At the same time, UIT can change original stress field and produce beneficial compressive stress. Under the high-energy impacting, the temperature of mental surface rise and rapid cooling, and it changes the mental surface, intensify the impact site and eliminate or homogenize residual stress.


★  Workpiece welding stress relieving rate can reach 100% and generate ideal compressive stress. It is an ideal equipment to remove welding residual stress at 9万彩票 and abroad.
★  Unique frequency stabilization; Control circuit by constant amplitude; Ruled out the risk of equipment completely.
★  Can improve the fatigue strength of welded joint by 50% - 120; Prolong the fatigue life 5-100 times.
★  Be not affected by shape, structure, material, weight thickness of steel, and place.
★   Be used to eliminate the welding residual stress, and can replace heat treatment method completely.
★   Professional design of gun, portable, and reducing labor.
★   Better effect on stress relief of weld repaired, weld processing and weld treatment
★ Economical, practical, environmental protection, energy saving, safety, no pollution.


(1)Naval architecture and ocean engineering
(2)The weld of bridges of highway and railway
(3)Pipeline and pressure vessel
(4)Weld of complex large component
(5)Engineering machinery, lifting machinery
(6)Fatigue parts which is under the threat of dynamic load




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