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Ultrasonic cutting machining
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Ultrasonic cutting machining

Product details

Ultrasonic cutting machining


Vibration cutting is a developed technology, developing in 1960s, which is a way that applies high frequency vibration on the conventional cutting tools and changes the traditional. Better effect can be achieved, and change thermal deformation.

Ultrasonic vibration cutting is better than non-ultrasonic vibration cutting technology, which is adding ultrasonic vibration force on the cutting tool regularly. Ultrasonic vibration cutting is a new type of cutting technology and combined with combined with ultrasonic technology and traditional cutting technology.


Working principle

From microcosmic point of view, Ultrasonic vibration cutting is a kind of pulse, which is in a vibration period, and effective cutting time of tool is short. Cutting tool and the workpiece is in complete separation in most of the time of a vibration period, and there is no cutter back-off phenomenon.
Ultrasonic vibration cutting device is composed of ultrasonic generator, transducer, amplitude transformer, cutting tool. Electrical signal will be converted into vibration by transducer. And then, the amplification of the energy will be achieved by amplitude transformer. We treat it as the acoustic head which is combined with transducer and amplitude transformer.


★Low machining force, about 1/10 to 1/3 of conventional machining force.
★High machining accuracy.
★ Low machining temperature, workpiece keep in a room temperature state.
★ No built-up edge, No burr, Little deformation.
★ Low roughness of cutting surface, close to the theoretical roughness.
★ The rigid change of processing components, compared with common machining, equivalent to improve the rigid.
★ Machining stably, effectively eliminate the chatter.
★ Machining tool durability improves from several times to dozen of times.
★Processing surface is under compressive stress, extending the workpiece fatigue strength wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.
★ Rainbow effect of surface can be achieved.


Because of many advantages of this equipment, it is widely used I difficult fields, such as aviation, aerospace, military industry and other materials.
● Machining difficult-to-machine materials: such as heat resistant steel, titanium alloy, constant modulus alloy, super alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, engineering ceramic, composite material granite etc.   
●  Machining hardened steel and super hard parts, ultrasonic can achieve high accuracy and high quality surface, even machining hardened steel over HRC60 easily, such as high speed steel paper, bearing steel, etc.; Machining hard alloy with PCD tool can greatly improve the durability of tools. 
● Forming machining: machining all types of curved surface, sphere, transition radii, conical surface with molding cutting tool.
●  Machining slender bars and thin walled parts.
● Machining superfine diameter parts. 


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