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Product details

Ultrasonic cake cutting machine

Product introduction

The automatic ultrasonic cutting equipment uses the vibration of high frequency wave to quickly handle food. It can cut square, triangle, prism, fan and circle, and can cut all kinds of baking and freezing products. The equipment adopts automatic product positioning, and can be omnidirectional cutting according to demand. In the automatic equipment of ultrasonic food cutting by cutting products, the equipment will locate, cut and cut the cutting products according to the prior input parameters, and do the operation automatically without human intervention, thus improving the working efficiency.

Product advantage

●Multi-layer product cutting to keep the color between layers

Advantages of ultrasonic cutting: fine cut, no chip, no sticky knife.

Multi function, multi group cutter, suitable for product line.

Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, butter products can be adapted to.

Customized product cutting models can be customizedaccording to customer needs.




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