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Rotary ultrasonic machining equipment
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Rotary ultrasonic machining equipment

Product details


Ultrasonic assisted drilling machine


Ultrasonic processing is a manner that end face of the equipment does ultrasonic vibration, by processing the hard and brittle material by abrasive suspension.
Ultrasonic process is the results from both the mechanical impact of ultrasonic vibration and rubbing-down effect and cavatition. The bump of abrasive material is the most major. When machining, we put the suspension liquid, which is the liquid mixed with abrasive, into the place, between tool hand and workpiece. We give head pressure. The electric oscillation will transfer into vibration by transducer. Suspension will promote to the destructive effect, because of hydraulic shock and cavatition phenomenon of ultrasonic vibration. The renewal of the grinding of material will bee achieved due to hydrodynamic shock.       

Working principles

Material remove of rotary ultrasonic processing is the comprehensive result of the three functions: impact effect, grinding effect and cavatition effect.



Can process the hard brittle materials, low –ductility material or the hardness of the mental is higher than 40 HRC.
★ Good precision and quality, better surface smoothness can be achieved.
★ In the processing of ultrasonic, it can use the softer material and make the tool. Need not the relation movement of complex tool and workpiece. Simple structure and easy operating, maintenance.
★ Composite processing method both ultrasonic processing and grinding processing.
★ Improve machining precision and service life
★ Improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of machining surface.
★ Greatly increased the production efficiency, the removal rate can reach 6 to 10 times than normal and 10 times than ordinary ultrasonic machining
★ Be suitable for processing of deep hole, less fiction between the workpiece; automated. If the proper amplitude can be achieved, the axial force will decrease above 30% than traditional cutting force. It can prolong the life of bite.



The major material is hard alloy, titanium alloy, heat-resistant steel,stainless steel, hardened steel and tungsten, silicon, diamond, precious stones, quartz and all mental and nonmetal materials which is high hardness, high strength, toughness and brittleness, such as ceramics, silicon crystal, optical glass, infrared optical crystal, corundum, etc.
Main application fields are machinery, electronics, automobile, aviation, aerospace and defense industry and other fields.




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