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Ultrasonic impact finishing of metals
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Ultrasonic impact finishing of metals

Product details

                                                                            MS-BMJG Series


Meishun ultrasonic impact finishing of metal is new application in metal processing, which can be simply interpreted that electrical energy transforms into mechanical energy. Input power into machine, then the power will be output by Meishun specialized tool, power generator.
Our products press component at a certain pressure (1% of rolling). The surface of tool rolls at the same speed of the surface of component, and our products impact the components in high frequency about 2000-3000 per second. After that, the roughness of surface will be lower.
Ultrasonic metal surface processing equipment can replace the traditional grinder, rolling, boring rolling, honing, polisher, belt sander and others, including crafts. It is so easy to achieve the mirror-effect. It can also increase the fatigue life more than two times. Microhardness will be increased by more than 20%. Abrasion resistance will be increased by more than 50%, corrosion resistance will be increased by more than 40%. The advantage is not only processing component, but also improving the performance of component.


★ Mirror-effect can be achieved,Ra<0.2;
★ Intensity the surface of component and Preset compressive stress; The microhardness of surface increased by more than 20%.
★ Improve the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. Eliminate the microscopic surface imperfections
 ★ Save investment, reduce duplication, improve efficiency.
Mental processing equipment solutions:

1. Technology solutions. Providing solutions to cylindrical, inner hole, cross section, R arc, complex surface and so on.
2. Processing solutions. Providing solutions to horizontal lathe, Vertical lathe, spherical turning lathe, cylindrical grinder, boring lathe, miller and so on.
3. Industry solutions. According to the characters and particularity, professional engineer customizes the solutions for you.




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