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Digital control ultrasonic emulsification
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Digital control ultrasonic emulsification

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Ultrasonic vibration machine

Ultrasonic refers to electromagnetic wave with the frequency about 20 KHZ – 50 MHz and it is a kind of mechanical wave, spreading by energy and carrier, medium.
Ultrasonic vibrator is large amplitude of the rods transducer radial vibration generated in the vibrating bar near 360 ° uniform generates ultrasonic waves. The amplitude of this product is between the ultrasonic cleaning machines and processors, therefore, the use of it is in more flexible direction. Ultrasonic vibrator can be used for cleaning any tank, can be freely placed anywhere in the wash tank, and the volume occupied by a small space, can be very flexibly. Used inside the reactor can be used to accelerate the dissolution, accelerate the reaction and preventing wall fouling.     

Advantages and features                  
1. Output power is not influenced by liquid, capacity and temperature. Stable and homogeneous. Better effect can be achieved.
2. It has more long-used life than traditional.
3. Easily be installed and operated.
4. Completely sealed waterproof
1. Ultrasonic vibrator is suitable for the workpiece cleaning, precision electronic components, clock parts, optical glass parts, metal machine parts, jewelry, semiconductor silicon, polyester filter core/spinneret, medical equipment and cleaning of parts before and after the plating

2. Ultrasonic vibrator is applicable to Chinese medicine extraction, metal cleaning of thick wall of pipeline, boiler ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum/pressure situations, all kinds of ultrasonic treatment and chemical processing of pipeline, etc.

3. In biochemistry, ultrasonic vibration machine is widely used to improve production capacity in emulsion, separation, homogenization, extraction, catalysis, etc.; In the food industry, ultrasonic vibration machine is widely used in uniform mixing, and effect on  homogeneous field cannot be underestimated; In the chemical industry, ultrasonic vibration machine is applicable for pipe and tank cleaning,; In the process of extraction and purifying of waste oil and palm oil, ultrasonic vibrator catalytic effect is very surprising, and there will be broad prospects in petrochemical industry.






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